The Program – Film Review

So last night I sat down to watch the latest and greatest film about Lance Armstrong. Released yesterday in the UK for digital purchase I was keen to ensure to watch it as this is the first ‘true’ Hollywood style film which goes right across the life/career Mr Armstrong.

General thoughts: Sometimes lacked real depth but overall a good watch.

So lets face it, if a film was to go into all of the details of how and which Lance went through his career cheating it would be over 24 hours long. This does mean that there is some details missing but overall it has enough to understand what went on and to show people the deep and in-depth the drug program was.

Dr. Michele Ferrari had a messed up moral compass but used science perfectly for athletic development

One thing I did like is that is showed Lance as a human being. His breakdown at the end and desire to win was well highlighted and it actually made me feel sorry for him. The film showed (in small snips) how Lance manipulated people, became a bully and ran ‘the program’ but maybe didn’t highlight that there was a lot of people from other team doping. I think this often gets over looked in general and the reality is that we will never know the true depth of the doping culture back in the early 0’s. Lance was not the only one, far from it and I think the reality of it is that his need to win was far greater than his competitors pushing to become this bully and run ‘the program’. After all he is a sportsman and a true competitor.

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  1. denisavn says:

    I’ve only seen the trailer for this, but I’ve seen The Finest Hours the other day and was a bit surprised with Ben Foster’s physical difference. 🙂 I read somewhere he doped himself for The Program so he can get a better insight?


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