Electronic motor confirmed…. Found at Cyclocross world champs

So we have it. Confirmation than an electronic motor was onboard the bike of female cyclocross rider Femke Van den Driessche. Was it intentional or not is the next big question? 

In an interview with VRT Sport a tearful Femke Van den Driessche had this to say: “After my chain broke I got off and was told that there was something wrong with my bike. I didn’t know what was wrong. Then I saw that bike standing there. I don’t know how it go there I am more preoccupied with myself on days like that”.

“That bike belongs to a friend of mine. He bought it from me at the end of last season. It is exactly the same bike as what I ride. The friend had ridden round the course with my brother before the race. He had left the bike against the lorry. One of the mechanics must have thought it was my bike and cleaned it up and brought it to me.” 

The electronic motor would have looked like this
 “The lad sometimes trains with me or one of my brothers. I never knew that that he had an electric motor fitted on his bike. He never told me.”

Could this be true? 

I don’t know… I find it hard to believe that a team would be so relaxed to clean the wrong the bike at the biggest race of the season. It also must be very fortunate that the bike set up (saddle height etc.) were exactly the same. Also there is the additional weight, according to http://www.eta.co.uk a motor like the Vivax motor (similar to what would have been used weighs around 2kg. That is quite a lot of extra weight to be added to a bike and not be noticed by any mechanic or the rider. But all that being said maybe it was just an innocent mistake?!?

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